Coffee and Kush

by Lady A.S.G

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Take your jacket off, stay a while, would you like some coffee and kush?


I'm only blazin on amazin shit,
you know its crazy when
It got your crew talkin' aliens,
I'm faded it's, Supreme
I jot styles, purple kush being stockpiled...
Light it up, pass it around, Scott Styles.
Buck wild call me crazy,
ASG never seen without the green,
currency of choice, personally.
Burning trees, 9 to 5 like it's work life,
crushin' herb like the earth under the wheels of dirt bikes.
Prefer to fill my pipe with some purple herbals,
keeps me in a motion like the perfect circle.
Hear my verbal flow, floatin' like I'm blowin' O's,
heavy like I carry O's, elevated when I smoke.
Eyes closed, mind open, almost seems times frozen,
baggy swollen, so we tokin all night spliffs are rollin'
Fueled by some diesel I fly higher than the eagles
it keeps the mind peaceful, in a society of evil.
I got variety you'll see some northern lights, some B.C,
haze for your mind, never m. 39.
Invade minds, with breaks and basslines,
Spread through like grapevines.
you dig? cuz im underground,
a diamond deep down in the ground,
shinin bright when I'm found, cuz it's darkest there,
with just a beat, i awake those sleepin beneath my feet,
you feelin me? the high road my main st.
So What you lookin for?
I'm raw to the core, Not sick, more like the cure.
This chick bumpin like the bass,
keep it running like I'm givin chase,
I'm way past outer space...


released October 1, 2011
Beat by: The Gravy Chef



all rights reserved


Lady A.S.G Hamilton, Ontario

Lady ASG is a one of a kind artist in today's hiphop industry.
Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario... it's the one and only, Lady A.S.G.
Her music representing the truest and purest form of lyricism, complete with knowledge, and kush.
Her rhymes are designed to make a listener hear what she is really saying. Take a listen.
Keep it R.E.A.L
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